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The benefits of a travel agent.

There are many reasons to use a travel agent, or travel consultant like us. Not only can a travel consultant save you time and money, sometimes finding extra perks on a cruise or at a resort, but TCs come with a wealth of knowledge about destinations and travel in general. For the most part, our travel services come at no additional charge to you. We are paid a commission by the cruise line, resort, or other vendor after you travel. There are some circumstances, however, that take additional time and resources and therefore we do charge a small additional fee. You can find more information about these fees below.

Service Levels

Depending on the help you need, I’ve got the package for you.

Service Details

A more in-depth look into each service level and what it provides.


In the Basic package, complimentary on every trip you book, we will provide resort, group tour, or cruise recommendations tailored to your budget, travel, personality, and needs. We know things change, too! That’s why this includes up to two revisions. With this package you will also receive information on suggested excursions or tours, as well as assistance booking those experiences. Guidance on best flights and airlines to book for your itinerary is also included, if that booking isn’t already included in your trip package. We will monitor payments and send reminders of important due dates. One of the complimentary benefits of traveling with us is the exclusive Tips & Tricks guide full of relevant, up-to-date information on what to expect on a cruise, at a resort, or when flying. If you are booking a Disney trip, we will provide step-by-step information and advice on selecting Advanced Dining Reservations and FastPass+ reservations, plus the exclusive Disney Tips & Trips guide!


In the Enhanced package, you will receive all the benefits of the Basic package. Additionally, you will receive port or city travel guides for each stop. These travel guides are chock full of recommendations and information beneficial to you and your trip, including recommended places to eat, excursions to take, and hidden gems at each location. For Disney clients, I will take care of your FastPass+ and Advance Dining Reservation bookings. This is a big deal! No need for you to wake up at 6am to book your spots, we will do that for you! Included in the package is a simple, custom land itinerary, for example a flight and hotel in a domestic or international city – up to two stops (i.e. Paris and Lyon) in the same trip.


In the Premium package, you will receive all the benefits of the Basic and Enhanced packages. Now we’re talking the big kahuna, the ultimate delivery of a custom planned itinerary. In addition to the first two packages, for this more extensive and tailored service, you will get custom land itineraries inclusive of flights, hotels, other transportation modes needed (i.e. trains, private drivers), as well as daily itinerary planning. This will be received for multiple stops of your trip that are not a part of a guided tour package.

Groups Concierge Services

Travel is better when you share it with others! Have you ever wanted to explore the Loire Valley with your wine club? Relax on a beach after a day at an inspiring conference? Make memories with your grandchildren while on a cruise? If you can dream it, we can tailor exclusive experiences to fit your interests, needs, and taste. Whether you are planning a family reunion, destination wedding, or just a getaway with friends, we can help. We can also coordinate corporate retreats, or hobby and interest group travel. Coordinating group events can be complicated, so trust us with the details and all you need to do is show up and relax! Contact us today to start planning your special group vacation. Group event coordination fees start at $10 per person.

Cancellation Fees

We know that sometimes plans change. We do whatever we can to work with you to rebook, or make adjustments that are needed, all included in your package price. However, there are times when a cancellation fee may be necessary. We reserve the right to charge a $35 per person cancellation fee at our discretion.

Air Booking Fees

When flights are booked as part of a larger package, we do not charge any additional flight fees. However, if you need flights without hotel, resort, or cruise bookings, a $25 per ticket fee will be charged.

Not sure what you need?

Let’s connect on your trip details and find what works for you.  

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